December 06: It’s 2021, and the year is about to end. All of us have just started opening up to the idea of going out and finally enjoying a fully vaccinated life. The reopening of the world to us, deserves a celebration.

When we talk about celebration, getting together with some friends, or just taking someone special out on a date, a cafe with a beautiful ambience is a go-to choice.

If we circle back to the silver lining of staying inside for over one and a half years, we can definitely appreciate the improvement in the air quality around us.

Along with that, we got more time to connect with our loved ones, nature, and ourselves.

Now that everything is opening again, why not keep the good parts to us?

We, of course, mean an outing somewhere peaceful, somewhere with nature’s ambience, somewhere you can connect with your loved ones at peace. But, where would you find such a place? Well, we have found just the right place for you. Arbre, the Restro Cafe.

When we visited Arbre, we were mesmerized with the idea and the execution which they’ve pulled. It’s a cafe to connect you with nature. It’s a city nestled in lush greens.

Let us take you with our experience with Arbre. With an original idea, Arbre is the only cafe that lets you connect with nature at such a magnitude in Ahmedabad.

One of the first things we noticed while gathering our thoughts on the cafe is,

They work on a reservation system, which is a little different from booking. It means Arbre will have a table waiting for you at the time decided by you. Cutting off the factor of waiting for your table altogether. They have a very special button on their Instagram page, a reserve button, which, if we comment, is only available to a handful of cafes or restaurants in the country. A very convenient and commendable effort indeed.

You can directly reserve your table from their instagram profile,, or just drop them a text on Whatsapp.

Attention to details

When you visit a place like Arbre, you expect a rigid, no feedback system in place.

But, it’s very different from them. The founders of the cafe are present on the grounds every single day making sure, and taking feedback from people to curate the best experience. They were not aware of the fact that we’ll be visiting their cafe to write an article. Witnessing such warm hospitality towards everyone from the founders themselves was a beautiful gesture.

When we first stepped into Arbre, our eyes widened, we followed mellow music, and a special odor hit us. A good odor is very important to elevate your experience in any cafe, as it stimulates your senses, especially crafted mellow music playing in the cafe prepares you for the experience you’re about to embark on. Did we tell you there’s a plant Nursery, too, inside the cafe? We really loved the natural ambience.

We believe that being close to nature stimulates our minds and keeps us happy.

Hence, experiencing this nursery which solely and solemnly connects you with nature, was one of a kind.

A small treat to your eyes.

After settling down on our reserved table, we noticed something very new, very unusual yet very adorable. Some lovely ducks joined our evening, freely roaming around the space. Initially, we couldn’t believe they were real. It really becomes a small treat to your eyes. There aren’t any corners that Arbre has cut to elevate your mood and engage your senses.

The centre table of attraction.

 With the only cafe of such natural ambience, that Arbre has built-in Ahmedabad.

One thing that caught the twinkle in our eyes was their centre table. It’s a huge, 12+ people table built over the Lily Pond they’ve included in their lush greens.

If you’re having a big celebration or planning something special with your loved ones, we definitely recommend you guys to gather up 12-15 people and reserve this centre table of attractions. Not only is it one of the best tables in the cafe, it will be a one of a kind experience only a handful of places are capable of offering you.

The Restro and The Cafe

Initially, they started with the idea of an evening in the forest, but soon, the idea of serendipitous mornings in the lush greens was created. The Cafe is functional from 11 in the morning to 5 PM in the evening and, post 7 PM they offer one of a kind, fine-dine experience. Headout to their Instagram page and reserve a table; they’ll make sure you find something amazing, amidst nature.

Grand Piano Evenings

 We were so impressed with the place we started inquiring about what they have in store for the future of Arbre. It turns out, they’re introducing a, not so loud, Grand Piano Evenings inside the cafe. The place not only will be full of natural ambience but it will also be accompanied by a soulful, melodious music over the piano.

They’re calling it, Grand Piano Evenings | Affairs Amidst Nature.

They offer you an assured beautiful spot with no waiting in lines, great ambience, better food, handpicked odors, and stimulating live music, i.e. a recipe for nothing but the best. It’s true that the best comes only once in a century.  And for this one, Arbre is winning by a mile.