Ahmedabad (Gujarat), April 24: In April 2020, while the country was still under a strict lockdown, Ashish Mehta was spreading wisdom through his Vedic knowledge on various digital platforms. Mehta is a Vedic Astrology and Vastu expert living in Ahmedabad. He has studied Engineering and holds a Masters in Civil Engineering degree from the prestigious CEPT University.

Ashish Mehta has the vision to spread the rich Indian Vedic knowledge among all the categories of people. He has started an initiative where he is sharing knowledge of Vedas through various digital and offline platforms. Mehta has also written books on Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra. His books ‘Bruhad Jyotish’ and ‘Vastu Shastra – Design your destiny’ are being used by many Astrologers and Vastu Shastra learners as a textbook. He has also written books on ‘Stock Market and Astrology’ and ‘Health and Vastu Shastra’.

Indian System of Architecture (Vastu Shastra) is used by many people globally. Mr. Mehta is consulting people and corporations across the world on Vastu Shastra and solving their problems with Vedic Astrology. Many well-known business tycoons and public figures come to Mehta for advice on life and Vastu shastra. He has also taught Vastu Shastra and Vedic Astrology to hundreds of people. After the global lockdown, he has also started teaching digitally where people from various countries are learning Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra under his guidance. He also conducts workshops and seminars in the various cities of the world to spread the knowledge and promote it globally.

Mehta says, ‘There is a science behind every Indian festival and ritual and every Indian should know the science.’ He has started making videos and writing blogs on the topic of ‘Secret and Significance of Indian Festival’ where he is explaining the meaning and science behind each Indian festival and event concerning ancient texts. He is also trying to spread wisdom with the help of ancient stories from Vedas and the Scriptures.