New Delhi (India), February 19: According to the news articles, there was misinformation circulating on the internet about Bangladeshi legend players’ complaints to the media over unpaid salaries for the “Road Safety World Series Edition.”

This information is completely false, and the players have indicated that they never discussed the payments with any media outlet. There’s somebody who spreads false information all across the world.

A Bangladeshi journalist who covered the event in Raipur stated that no such narrative about the incident appeared in the Bangladeshi media. The League has suffered a great deal as a result of this fake news, and the players are disappointed with the misinformation going on. In addition, no complaints were recorded.

‘’I had a great time playing for Bangladesh Legends last year, and I am very excited to play this year as well in the road Safety World Series,” commented Mehrab Hossain, Former Cricketer of Bangladesh Cricket Team.