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Innovative technologies bring in more options for the consumers

New Delhi (India), April 27: Thanks to an increased awareness about hygiene and cleanliness, the cleaning industry (appliances, solutions, chemicals etc) is set to have a higher growth trajectory over the next few years. The pandemic too has played a significant role in the accelerated growth for the cleaning industry, and the consumer has become more aware and mindful of health and hygiene.

“With cleanliness and convenience taking precedence, India is welcoming cleaning solutions for their homes and industries, alike,” says Mr Jatinder Kaul, Managing Director, Kärcher India.

“Our teams are committed to create innovative solutions for cleaning, with a focus on ease of use. And that is one of the reasons that global your solutions are the preferred choice among majority of the consumers.”

Germany headquartered Kärcher was established in 1935 and is completing 11 years in India this month.

The company has recently launched steam cleaners in the market, which comes with a proven technology to eliminate 99.99 percent of typical household bacteria from smooth hard surfaces. Because of its strong steam generation technology, the Steam Cleaner offers much better cleaning performance than with conventional manual cleaning methods with detergent.

“India is a growing market. Even as Kärcher is relatively a new entrant, our solutions have established a strong connect in both Professional & Consumer segments. The Steam Cleaners particularly don’t require any chemical and are very environmentally friendly. One litre of water produces 1700 litres of steam which will help in conservation of natural resources too,” says Kaul.

“We love challenges, whether everyday or extraordinary cleaning projects, a courtyard entrance, or a factory floor, we want to make everyday life simpler for our customers, better and more pleasant with powerful, efficient cleaning solutions,” he says.

Germany-headquartered Karcher is $3 billion family run company and employs 13,500 staff in 130 companies across 73 countries. Over 50,000 service outlets all over the world ensure uninterrupted supply for customers across the globe. Innovation is the most important growth factor and has been an integral component of the corporate culture since the company’s foundation in 1935. A total of more than 1,000 employees work in research and development at Kärcher. The company believes that innovation is what benefits people.

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