Coronavirus UK: Student nurses told the paid pacemaker will be cut short.

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Nurse students say that some people have left their jobs to participate in these paid internships (Photo: Get Images).

Nurse students who had been asked to help Britain fight the coronavirus were in a desperate financial situation when they heard that their internship would end next month.

Disappointing interns posted on Facebook and Twitter to express their outrage at the NHS England decision at the end of July instead of the end of September as originally planned. A nurse who calls herself Becky Jane said the students were informed by English health educators that the program had been suspended because they no longer had enough money to support them.

She said nurses could graduate with a debt of around £30,000 and apply for a six-month placement in early April, despite fears of a contract with Covid-19. She said she wrote on Facebook: Some of us gave up their jobs for that. Many of us have children and families to support. Don’t applaud the NHS. Please consider voting in the future to finance it well.

Another nurse named Sarah Flynn just wrote: We saved your life, Boris, or did you forget?

However, the Ministry of Health and Welfare rejected reports that student nurses and midwives had been fired for fraud. He tweeted: All students who participated in the Kovida 19-reaction have been paid and will be paid by the end of the summer.

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However, many pointed out that summer does not come on the 31st. July ends and the nurses who signed up for a six-month practice are still eight weeks without pay.

Minister of Health Dominique Lipinski/Pa Wire

Health Minister Matt Hancock says it’s not true that nursing students become obsolete (Photo: PA).

Head Nurse Mark Radford tried to shed light on the state of health education in England: Let’s be clear: It is completely wrong to assume that the number of nursing and midwifery students will be reduced because all nursing and midwifery students should be trained during their studies.

These seats are generally unpaid, but due to special circumstances and as part of the response to Kovid-19, these hours have been paid for and will continue to be paid until the end of the summer. As part of its response to Covidus, NHS England has received funding for student salaries.

Students in 3. The first year of study is completed at the age of 31 July, and once they have completed the hours and grades, they may qualify and be paid as Registered Nurses. They go from track 4 to track 5 and increase their salary.

Every third-year student who has to work is paid until September. Each year, 2 students enrolled for the 31st academic year are accepted. After that, the usual unpaid places will be paid with the students of the 1st semester.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been working to ensure that these students finish their studies and obtain their diplomas. It has always been explained to students who have opted for paid work that these measures must be terminated in good time so that students can return to work independently as soon as possible to complete their graduate nursing studies and join the NHS on a permanent basis.

According to him, every final-year student who has worked in the NGS will receive funding until the end of their programme, although it is not yet clear how much will be allocated in the summer.

In mid-April, NHS England reported that nearly 15,000 nurses, midwives and medical students had joined the front line in the national fight against coronaviruses.

At the time, Sir Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of the NHS, congratulated them on their increased efforts to support the national effort.

By mid-April, almost 15,000 nurses, midwives and medical students joined the fight against the coronavirus (Photo: Getty Pictures).

He went on to say: Today we want to pay a special tribute to the new generation of NHS employees who started their careers early to play their part.

These students begin their careers in the NHS with the largest global health problem in the history of healthcare.

Your commitment to NSW and everything it represents is as great as that of a previous generation, and the whole country will be both grateful and proud.

More than 25,000 students in the UK have been sent on long-term and remunerated advanced clinical internships to help with the response to Covid-19.

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According to the website of NursingNotes, one of the universities spoke about her nursing students: We now have final confirmation that all 31. July 2020 is the last date for all paying students in all areas of accommodation.

Former Minister of Health and Conservative Member of Parliament Jeremy Hunt tweeted: It would be very exciting if that were true, but I can’t believe the government would abandon this group of smart, courageous people.

The Royal College of Nurses’ Director for England, Mike Adams, said we urge Health Education England and the NHS England to give students some clarity on the way forward.

The important work done by the nursing students throughout the pandemic showed the enormous contribution that nursing students have made to our health and care services.

Their commitments must be honoured in any transition to the established programme structures.

Shadow Health Secretary Justin Madders said: Across the country, nursing students have interrupted their studies and, in some cases, given up other jobs to go to the frontline of national efforts to combat coronaviruses.

Concerns have been raised about qualified nurses with debts of £30,000 (Photo: Getty)

Their personal commitment must be recognised and realised by the government. They don’t deserve to be sidelined like this and ministers have to explain exactly what’s going on.

Health Minister Matt Hancock informed community members that the funds would be available by the end of the summer, but he did not specify a specific date.

He said… It is wrong to assume that nursing and obstetrics students will become redundant. All nursing and obstetrics students are required to complete a practical course during this course.

As part of our response to Covid-19, that clock has been paid for and will be paid for at the end of the summer. NHS England received funding for student salaries as part of our response to Covid-19.

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