February 24: The Ace Entrepreneur Khalid is a business man with a great mind and capabilities of doing the best. His birth name is Khalid Ennachat Machhar. Entrepreneur Khalid is a professional boxer, actor and has been a three times national champion in kickboxing and an amateur world finalist in 2016. His history is therefore worth knowing . This year 2022, Khalid’s goal is to do 5 fights and aim to be at the top of the ranking. “It was my Grandmother’s dream that I create my own legacy in the sport and I have promised my grandmother that I’ll fight big fights for titles and make her proud” shares Entrepreneur Khalid on an emotional note.

Entrepreneur Khalid was one of the greatest hopes of Spanish sport and he literally lived up to it. Being the only athlete to become an antinomical champion in 5 different disciplines, he is a role model for all the young athletes in the country. He gave the statement to the media that “Once you stop chasing the money and start chasing the goal, your success becomes just a matter of time”. Entrepreneur Khalid recalls that he was often bullied in his childhood for some or the other reasons like not having friends and for the report cards which had red markings. He then decided to work hard on himself and make himself known as the best sportsperson in Boxing. In his pursuit, constantly doing hard work he has trained himself to be the next big thing in the sports industry. “Boxing literally changed the course of my life. With constancy and work everything can be achieved” says Entrepreneur Khalid.

He has more than 33k followers on his Instagram where he actively shares BTS from his training sessions, and his daily workout videos have well over thousands of views.

COVID has been a difficult time for all the sportspeople. Despite this he did not give up and continued with his training at his home, with the help of the materials from the garage so as to not lose his shape. Entrepreneur Khalid had never got anything easily. He worked hard to achieve everything with the help of his sheer determination. Entrepreneur Khalid is now an influencer to the youth of today apart from a great kickboxer.

He also travels to different countries for his work and trainings. “Travelling is a great escape after an intense training session. I often travel alot and I believe that it is one of my secret sources of energy and enthusiasm” shares Khalid. Talking about telling the young Sportspersons about how to be good at their game, He stated that “The process is more important than the outcome, and if there is a better way of doing something, It is your duty to find it and inculcate it. Also to become successful one must never underestimate the power of being productive and creative ”.