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New Delhi (India), April 16: A cup of tea changes ‘bitter’ to ‘better’. We all can relate with this. A cup of tea is a great excuse to share your feelings, thoughts or daily life with your loved ones. There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life. We all feel in the same way. Named as an elixir of life, tea holds a great position in our hearts. It is a great option to change the mood but do you have any idea that your love for tea can also change your whole future into the fortuitous one. Same happened with Mr. Satvir Singh and Mr. Nitin Tomar, the founders of Chaiops.

Registered in 2020, Chaiops has made a name for itself in the list of top service providers of India.

Chaiops is listed in Trade India’s list of verified companies. Chaiops focuses to serve the flavourful and delicious taste of Chai to their customers and bring a gift to tea lovers across the nation. Chaiops is uprising day by day and revolutionizing the idea of Chai globally. And the credit goes to Mr. Satvir Singh and Mr. Nitin Tomar.

As the taste of chai increases tenfold when you take a sip with your tea lover friend likewise two tea lover friends not only took the sip together besides established a whole business of Chai. They founded the company in 2017. It was not preplanned but a moment idea and has a interesting story. Satvir Singh, one of the founders, was an employee of IGI and Nitin Tomar was working with Ola Cabs. Four to five cups of tea were pretty normal for Satvir in a day. But he observed that there is a flavor and taste missing in the tea. That unsatisfactory taste led him to think. He thought to establish a tea cafe which gives the true nature of a tea, which serves the taste and quality. He made Nitin a part of the plan and they both reached their goal. But we should not forget that every success story has a struggle story behind it so have the Nitin and Satvir. To focus on a single aim they left their jobs and buckled down to the Chaiops. They had a lack in funding and did not receive the investment.

Considering the significant use of a good capital, Nitin sold his car.

Nitin Tomar said, “We did not have adequate funding to set up Chaiops, so I had to sell my car in 2017 and started my first café. After working day and night, Chaiops started to gain recognition for the multiple varieties of teas and their exquisite taste, which is now loved by our customers. We have managed to establish more than 50 outlets across India and abroad after four years of starting the first café in Gurugram. Recently, we have launched an outlet in Jalandhar & are about to come up with another 3 new outlets this month in Janakpuri, Uttarkashi & Kolkata.

With more than 20 varieties of tea, Chaiops holds a special and distinctive place in the heart and tongue of tea lovers. These types include normal masala, chocolate tea, herbal tea, flower tea, and more. All tea varieties are prepared from freshly brewed tea leaves that come from different Indian states so that customers experience flavours ‘tea-riffically’.


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