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New Delhi (India), June 2: FURO Sports Shoes (from the house of Red Chief Shoes) is thrilled to announce its much-coveted collaboration with the Bollywood Superstar Shahid Kapoor.

Shahid’s youthful and sporty personality of an affable boy gels with the aspiring core values and ethos of FURO Sports Shoes. Shahid appeals to a broader audience across all age groups. While his exceptional fitness lifestyle, dancing prowess, and romantic-action-oriented movies attract the youth, his responsible family guy persona also connects with relatively mature age groups.

Mr. Manoj Gyanchandani (Managing Director), expressing his views on the collaboration, shares, “We are extremely honoured to welcome Shahid Kapoor as the newest FURO family member. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner in 2022 who comes with such high credible energy needed in such dynamic times to inspire the youth towards an athleisure lifestyle. We look forward to a successful partnership with him and hope to have a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.”

Mr. Rahul Sharma (Marketing Head) further shared, “To continue leveraging our association both in mass media & digital platforms – Shahid would be part of our forthcoming Brand campaigns, which are back to back lined up starting a few weeks from now. “

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