February 1: Do you Know Indian skill ministry – NSDC (National skill development cooperation) has taken the initiative to make India free from phobia of maths through their Training partner AVAS, a unit of G.A. Future Educore Pvt Ltd and IIVA. Indian Institute of Vedic Maths and Abacus empowers children, adults, housewives, teachers, graduates, working, and non-working professionals with government certified courses of Vedic maths and abacus.

In the present day, most people believe that Vedic maths has become an underrated and underused technique. It has been religiously used for not only competitive exam preparations but also for learning tricks for faster and shorter calculations. And, since the past 12 years, lakhs of students have used Vedic maths to remove phobia of maths with different pedagogy and also generate interest in normal mathematics.

While several political parties have been promoting Vedic maths, many educators and parents have been familiarized with the benefits of Vedic Maths such as removing the phobia of mathematics in children, the awareness of this interesting subject is still at a nascent stage in India. This has led pioneer Indian organizations such as G.A. Future & IIVA to launch government-certified Vedic maths and Abacus courses to spread awareness about the benefits of Vedic mathematics.

The NSDC affiliated and certified and NABET & QCI accredited course of Vedic maths and abacus will provide numerous benefits. Such as women empowerment, generating job opportunities in colleges and centers, helping interested users open their Vedic maths and abacus, creating entrepreneurship, upskilling, and better competitive exams preparation.

Over the years, the demand and reliance on Vedic maths and abacus techniques have grown tenfold. Whether it is parents and educators emphasizing on benefits of it or political parties promoting awareness of Vedic maths and abacus, the global acceptance of Vedic maths and its application in coding and app-making studies cannot be ignored.

To help children get over the phobia of mathematics and conveniently complete day-to-day activities of life, NSDC has also launched Vedic maths as a skill development course for adults. The skill development course would certainly make a good fit for most entrepreneurship and job development programs. Many states across India have also included Vedic maths in their curriculum.

Awareness about Vedic maths, its importance, and its benefits have become the need of the hour. Realizing this need, IIVA under R.P. Skill and Education Development Trust, i.e., NSDC affiliated and NABET & QCI accredited, has come up with a government-certified course of Vedic maths and abacus.

Thousands of candidates from all over India and even Globally have enrolled in this government-certified course until now and grabbed the opportunity. Out of these candidates, 90% of them have become recognized entrepreneurs. They have already started earning a livelihood as they are running their own brand centre and offering online training despite the ever-escalating coronavirus pandemic conditions.

The main objective of G.A. Future and IIVA right now is to offer useful skills such as Vedic maths and abacus at every step. They want Vedic maths and abacus to build strong fundaments in every individual’s life, become a world-class product and reach every corner of the world.

In the near future, they want to reach a 100 crore turnover, get funding equity of a minimum of 500 crores, empower women, remove unemployment by creating jobs, create entrepreneurship, become Vedic maths and abacus skills sector in the NSDC, and raise the level of maths globally.

The government-certified training partners of NSDC provide training for school students, government school, and private school teachers. They offer training for D.I.E.T centers, B.Ed. colleges, and competitive exam aspirants. They also provide teachers and students with artificial intelligence course training.