March 8: “India is transitioning from Women’s development to women-led development” as said by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2022, I extend warm greetings and good wishes to the women of India and thank them for their contribution over the years to the development of our nation said, Shiv Shanker Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Gramin Vikas Trust.

Garmin Vikas Trust and its eminent Chairman Dr. Chandrapal Singh Yadav and Managing Director Mr. Rajan Chowdhry along with other Board members encourage women to explore the best of their capabilities to step ahead and progress every day to add feathers in their cap.

Shiv Shanker Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Grameen Vikas Trust said that I truly believe that the development sector and NGOs like us have a responsibility of implementing the gender equality and women’s empowerment agenda in every sector they work in. Participation of women in NGOs allows foraying into the social and political spheres which are not easily granted by the for-profit or public sectors. In my opinion, NGOs that work to alleviate the poverty and challenges faced by women in day-to-day life in various fields need women advocators, decision-makers, mobilizers, implementers, and program designers who are Women themselves to understand and bring better solutions. The government is today’s time is contributing significantly to women empowerment and we as an NGO have to bestow our best for empowering women. Gramin Vikas Trust creates more supportive pathways for women by acknowledging women in leadership roles, capacity building and training programs, formation of WSHGs through its programs, women literacy programs, formation of management committees with the compulsory participation of women at the community level, and women-centric programs to emancipate women at all possible levels.

Gramin Vikas Trust as a national-level non-profit development organization has helped women to come out of their homes and stand up for themselves as well as for their near and dear ones. For example, when Gramin Vikas Trust started its operation in Assam as the Implementing Support Agency for Jal Jeevan Mission, no one was willing to come forward. As soon as awareness was created about consuming unhygienic water and its ill effects on health, more and more women came out of their homes voluntarily where only five women are required for Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance (WQMS) formation. In the Sivasagar district of Assam, we have created 43 nos WQMS and in the Chairaideo district, the figure is 31 nos. With time, women are very willing and responsible towards this noble initiative that not only assures them good health but also helps them come out of their homes, otherwise, most of them are stuck inside the four walls of their homes. This is how Gramin Vikas Trust has made sure women make space for themselves through the mission, informed Shiv Shanker Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Grameen Vikas Trust.

With the support of GVT, Reena Devi became a great inspiration to all the women by taking a step forward when she decided to transform the Self Help Group into a Farmer Producer Organization with the support of Gramin Vikas Trust as BRIJWASI GRAMIN FARMER PRODUCER COMPANY LIMITED to make her work come out even brighter. Rena Devi got a loan to get an expeller that helped her even more.  Gramin Vikas Trust initiated major activities of marketing of farm produce, value addition of Mustard oil, Spices by the name of Khushi for Brijwasi Gramin Farmer Producer company ltd and gave it exposure to a larger group of consumers.

Kamla Devi (37 yrs. old, decently educated, mother of two is a female SHG at Bagla village under IWMP-VII project of Hisar, Haryana. This SHG’s experience proves how rural women with the help of inter loaning/revolving funds can organize themselves and run small business activities with the support of Grameen Vikas Trust. The group was formed in the year 2013 with a membership of 11 women. Smt. Kamla Devi (37 yrs. old, decently educated, mother of two) is the head and leader of this business activity. She has managed to involve 5 other members of the SHG who work at Kamla’s house for 4-5 hours daily. All the members decided to conduct meetings once a month and that each member would deposit an amount of Rs. 100/- per month. Later, an account in the name of the SHG was opened at Sarv Haryana Gramin bank, Bagla so that the members can take loans when needed. The SHG members mainly are engaged in handloom weaving work.