New Delhi (India), February 14: The KnowDis Data Science team recently launched an AI solution that can help millions of E-commerce product sellers. Many vendors struggle to create content for their products on e-commerce channels regardless of how big or small their company is. With the release of Felix, the KnowDis Data team aims to solve this industry-wide problem by automating the generation of content using artificial intelligence.

The e-commerce space has become a phenomenon in itself since Amazon, EBay has revolutionized it. As a result, e-commerce platforms are inundated with a huge number of sellers. Thus, competition is inevitable.

Whenever multiple sellers offer the same line of products with almost the same pricing, the customers tend to choose the products with well-written descriptions & clearly defined features. This is why the content of a product description is so crucial to catching a customer’s attention. It goes without saying that when selling a product in competitive e-commerce space, “content is king.”

Popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon rank products based on the quality of their descriptions and their relevant content. Well-written content becomes even more crucial in this regard.

This is where the problem of creating content for products being sold on e-commerce platforms arises. The content writing industry for e-commerce channels is in itself a huge industry. While big vendors can afford to have dedicated content writers and get support from digital marketing agencies to get their product content well defined & optimized, it is the small vendors and medium scale businesses who fall behind in the race of selling their products on e-commerce platforms.

Not everyone can afford to have a dedicated content writer, and even if big businesses can, content writing is a slow, meticulous, and inevitably arduous process. One aspect of this difficulty can be described as the phenomenon called “Writer’s Block”.

What is a Writer’s block?

“A Writer’s block is a temporary or lasting failure to put words on paper. It can hit every writer, if only for a few minutes or a day or two, but it becomes a real problem when the writer is not reaching targets and when they feel incapable of completing a piece of work.”  — Royal Literary Fund

This problem becomes even more pronounced when content creators and agencies have to create content for products of a variety of domains. The time, money spent and the tedious process involved in e-commerce content creation hampers the scalability of e-commerce sales.

The struggles associated with content creation led to the development of Felix. It was recently launched on KnowDis Note, the company’s  SaaS platform, which offers a variety of AI solutions.

It uses cutting edge Artificial Intelligence to automatically generate e-commerce content for products. Within few seconds, it generates –

  1. Product Titles
  2. Product Highlights

Felix uses details such as Product Name & Product Features provided by sellers to create Catchy Product Highlights, and recommends Product Titles. The best part is that customers will get new content every time they click on generate. It does so in just a matter of seconds—thereby saving time and money on SEO copywriting, and eliminates writers block for sellers.

KnowDis’s Felix offers different tones of styles on generated content, with different creativity levels, just like a human copywriter would do. The sellers can easily pick up and finalize the content they want for their product.

Fig: Product highlights generated by Felix

The Data Science team is continuing to update Felix with advanced features, and the team is building some interesting NLP solutions for content creators agencies where content creation is becoming a complex problem.