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July 29: Setting up an organization requires tremendous hard work and effort. Indoriv Clinical is no different. The founder, Anant Agrawal, had also built a lot of experience and faced a lot of hardships in the process of establishing Indoriv Clinical. Mr. Anant Agrawal started Indoriv Clinical in 2012 in the month of April. He had big dreams when he started his professional journey but wasn’t sure about how to bring the big change as he hardly got any opportunity to prove himself. He had struggled a lot, and he even landed an internship with a clinical research company. He saw a lot of hardships there, and he started earning a hundred rupees a day to intern in their hospital. His journey started from there. His internship lasted only a month, and after that, he started working freelance with his first client. It was difficult at the time because the former founder of Indoriv, Anant Agrawal, had no prior knowledge of how the industry works and how he should primarily work to survive in the market. His main aim back then was to put food on the table and survive.

With ten years of massive experience in this field, Indoriv is now working as a hybrid CRO across 3 verticals. The specially trained team is now working on the drug development process. Not only that the team is also adding value and tracking the progress in the drug development process. Each organization functions on some core principles. What is the core principle that sets Indoriv apart from its competitors? Most importantly the team believes that Determination, Discipline, and perseverance are the major factors that contribute to Sustainable development. The company functions with these key principles. The mission of Indoriv Clinical is to become the largest biobank in the world. Mr. Anant Agrawal believes that learning and unlearning are the two important factors that would help them to achieve this target. He also has a strong belief that they would surely see success in the process of becoming the largest biobank in the world. Indoriv is best known for its offerings of a full range of CRO services. They make sure that the clients obtain the necessary evidence to gain regulatory approval.

Indoriv Clinical facilitates the clinical research process. This is done with the help of a team of pharmacists, doctors, diagnosticians, and scientists. As a company, Indoriv leverages its expertise to ensure all drugs and devices are tested ethically and responsibly and the science is kept intact. This allows for faster drug development and delivery to the country and also helps several patients across the spectrum have access to healthcare. With the assistance of a team of pharmacists, doctors, diagnosticians, and scientists, Indoriv Clinical aids the clinical research process.

As a corporation, knowledge to guarantee that all pharmaceuticals and equipment are tested ethically and responsibly and that research is preserved is always ensured. This enables for speedier medication development and delivery to the country, as well as improved access to healthcare for a wide range of patients. Patients are always given the utmost priority.

Indoriv can never compromise on the needs of the patients.  With varied services and the utmost dedication of all the team members, Indoriv has now become a recognizable name. It has a biobank. The main aim of the biobank is to support the scientific community with a comprehensive biorepository of specimens. A lot of people find Indoriv affordable as it guarantees lower development costs. Moreover, the most important quality is that it has efficient research initiatives. It is one of the best organizations that is designed for patients and driven by science.

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