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May 7: Global Reality Fashion Show celebrates everything around Talent. The goal this year is to honor and glorify true talents who are exceptional and have carved their own path those who lead by example and inspire others in their fields.

Founder of the fashion show is quiet an achiever herself. Dr. Mridu Bala. She is a Fashion designer, Relationship Counselor, Dermatologist, Event organizer and Director of (Life again community foundation).

All nominations are chosen by the audience on the basis of merit, with only the most deserving candidates receiving audience votes.

Along with the fashion show ceremony, the glitzy occasion is expected to have a number of star visitors, including actors and TV personalities.

The fashion show is all set to take place on 16th September semi final and 17th September with a Grand finale ceremony set to be attended by prominent blown names like Piyush sharma (model, actor – Bollywood), Amit bhatia (actor)
Sarvjeet singh bedi (motivation speaker).

Delhi Auditions will take a place on 21st May, Hp audition on 30th may,
Jhansi audition on 12th  June, Bhopal audition on 2nd July, Chandigarh on 1st August and lastly Chattisgarh 1st September.

The winners of the show will get a chance to make a debut in a big Reality show hosted by pretty big YouTubers. The show is held by Life Again Community Foundation. The show will be based on topics which will revolve around real life stories such as struggle / successful life / responsibility / emotion / Drama / etc.

You can reach out for registration: Contact: +91 9302301815

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