February 15: Jitendra Vaswani- the name itself is one whole definition of a true and successful hustler. He considers his work as God and worships it regularly. Since he was completely devoted to his work despite the hardships and the challenges that came in his way, he could grab success. His hard work paid off in the long run and helped him earn a good name in the industry. Jitendra Vaswani has gone through several challenges in life. He has experienced the ups and the downs in his life. And today, he is out there standing tall as one of the most successful digital marketers in India. Jitendra even has wide recognition in the international digital marketing industry.

Here, we will go through Jitendra Vaswani’s roller-coaster journey from being an engineer to becoming the founder of an online marketing blog named BloggersIdeas.com.

Engineer Turned Full-Time Blogger Jitendra Helps Readers Make Good Cash Online

Similar to the hundreds and thousands of engineers throughout India struggling through the four difficult years of their engineering, opting for it only to fulfil their parents’ dreams, Jitendra Vaswani also joined the Rajasthan Technical University in Jaipur for completing a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

Jitendra has no interest in this field, and he just dragged himself through his days of engineering. And the moment he completed his graduation, he made up his mind to start a career as an SEO executive in a startup. He knew about his interest in the field of digital marketing, and therefore he started to develop his skills, knowledge, and talent in this domain.

He spent around two and a half years serving the SEO field with different startup companies like FirstCry, Zopper, and Youthsphere. After spending this time in the SEO industry, Jitendra made up his mind to write about everything, all the information and knowledge he had gained. He chose to blog because there is no other medium as good as blogging when reaching out to many people online.

Hence, he took up full-time blogging in 2014 with his first official blog called BloggersIdeas.com. This blog is wholly dedicated to providing blogging tips and all possible information about the field of digital marketing.

Jitendra Vaswani’s Brainchild: BloggersIdeas.com

Taking inspiration from the bloggers around him, Jitendra Vaswani started his journey as a blogger by creating his own blog. Thus, he became the founder of BloggersIdeas.com. His blog is aimed at helping SEO experts and bloggers who are struggling to get a clear understanding of the online marketing concept.

Some reasons how Vaswani’s blog can assist individuals and why his blog is useful are as follows:

  • The readers get blogging tips that can help them become better bloggers.
  • Some tips can help individuals in increasing traffic on their blogs.
  • You get to know about real search engine optimization.
  • SEO experts get to learn about SEO in details
  • Bloggers even get the required help to take their blog to an entirely new level.
  • The blog says that interviewing some of the most popular and top-quality SEO experts can help the readers clear their doubts.

The instant success that BloggersIdeas became encouraged Vaswani to establish his very own Digital Marketing Agency known as “DigiExe.” Based on Vaswani’s core principles of living on his own terms, making a maximum effort all the time, and working on only what he loves, DigiExe has moved ahead and assisted many online businesses in generating increased worth.

At present, Vaswani has a portfolio of more than 35 niche websites and is making $150K+ every year from them as profits.


One of the most exciting things about Jitendra Vaswani’s journey from being an engineer to becoming a full-time blogger is that his family still does not know about his blogging profession. He believes that Indian parents are excessively concerned about society while not taking care of their children’s feelings. They hardly pay heed to what their kids want to become, only to fulfill their dreams of standing up high in society, saying that their son or their daughter is a doctor or an engineer.

Hence, Jitendra is still waiting for the right time to tell his parents about his full-time blogging profession. But until then, he is looking forward to continuing his journey as a full-time blogger, professional speaker, and digital marketing expert to the next level. He says that you must never pay attention to what your relatives say about you. Focus on your work and the dreams you are looking to achieve. Whatever you are thinking of accomplishing in life, you can accomplish the same, but only if you strike very hard.