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March 28: As a kid, she was drawn to the science of forecasting earthly and human events, and as she grew older, she developed a talent for resolving her relatives’ and friends’ difficulties through astrology and palmistry. Meet Aaparna Dwivedi, an MBA in human resource management who has established a reputation in India as a palmist, astrologer, and tarot card reader.

“I did my MBA in HR and worked with many reputed companies. After I got married, I shifted to my husband’s place in Kolkata. It was my husband who inspired me to take up my passion for astrology and palmistry as a profession” says Dwivedi.

Dwivedi set up an astrology and palmistry firm ‘AstroAaparna’ in Kolkata. As a trained astrologer, palmist, and tarot card reader, Aaparna performs the complete analysis of horoscopes and gives simple and karmic remedies to her clients. She makes her clients aware of astrology and explains to them how they can use the science in improving their relationship, marriage, finance, and health.

“I interpret the planets and provide a full study of your life.” By reading the chart, I attempt to deduce the main cause of your problems and provide a solution that is basic, uncomplicated, and doable. “All of my projections are based on the clients’ previous actions,” Aaparna explains.

Her cures include taking a morning walk, keeping a tulsi plant, and eating certain meals. For example, she might tell them to “plant a tree,” “give money,” “repeat a mantra,” “consume a particular food or ‘use a specific soap’.

Some of her clients share their experiences :

“Glad that I have learnt  law of attraction techniques from Aaparna. I always knew that what one thinks is what one gets back. Its Aparna who has taught us techniques for this. She is a true and a very knowledgeable Mentor, Palmist and a healer. She is so well aware of all griha and nakshatras and how this can impact our lives. She has all the remedies to it. Thank you so much dear, blessed to be associated with you. Keep growing and keep helping people the way you do.”

“I was facing lots of personal problems in my personal life and I needed to consult someone who could solve my problems. I consulted Aaparna and told her all the problems. She listened to all of it and gave me solutions to my problems. She solved it and now I am happy in my life. I was very satisfied and happy with the solutions she had given me and how she had solved my problems. I would recommend each and everyone to consult and talk to Aparna Dwivedi if they have any problem that they are facing in their lives. “

“I finally got a job and I’m very happy with how it is going. Thanks to Aaparna ji.”

Aaparna has a large clientele in the USA, Australia, and Pakistan. She recalls a Pakistani lady with liver disease contacting her for an astrological and palmistry remedy in 2019. “I had her chant a mantra for a day and she was cured,” Aaparna says.

“I get a lot of folks who are having problems with their children, divorce, business losses, marriage problems, difficulties in defining their professions, job promotions, and so on.” Astrology can heal people who are suffering from a variety of illnesses, including mental, physical, and emotional issues. “Astrology is the finest antidote to anxiety,” Aaparna stated.

“Do whatever you love and turn your passion into a profession, and success will undoubtedly follow,” Aaparna stated about her life’s secret code.

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