February 9: People are born with different features, qualities and traits. Some people pursue things for fun and some make an empire by pursuing that thing effortlessly. Entrepreneur and Triathlon genius Nanjero William is one of them, Nanjero being a unique personality is the General Manager of “SOL Generation” which is an Art and Entertainment company providing strings of records to groove on around the world. He is also the captain of Kenya National Triathlon Team. In his early days  Whiz Entrepreneur Nanjero pursued Business Management at United States International University and has been very close to sports right from childhood. He has built an engagement model on his Instagram and on Twitter  where he keepsdriving conversation on content  related to technology, music, his training and his inspirational talk shows.

Nanjero William has a strong interest in fields related to Tech, Art and Sports. He holds multiple caps and titles in the field of sports. He also has a key goal of building infrastructure where young talented creatives can plug in and effectively make a career out of their craft. “We want to create a generation that’s better than us.” says Nanjero. His personality is grounded, he often mentions his childhood, family and friends. Which reflects about his soul that even after succeeding in his life, he values the characters of his life and makes himself apart from the materialistic funnel of “showing off”.

Genius Entrepreneur Nanjero is a multi talented and knowledgeable personality, he holds an experience of marketing, sales and distribution. Even with his degrees and multiple talents, Nanjero believes in supremacy of consistency and hard work. “I want to contribute to tech and marketing, to bring something meaningful and considerable”. Nanjero is very optimistic about his life. His grounded personality makes him relevant to common people. Nanjero has a following on Instagram where he shares the glimpses of his personal life and fitness videos to connect with his fans and the world.

Entrepreneur Nanjero is also a part of Mile Aid which is a social organisation aimed at lending a hand of help to the needy through sports. “We train poor kids for sports and help them play at a big stage so that they can build their life and if they are brilliant enough they could bring lauratte to our country too.” Shared Nanjero.