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May 23: Ovum Hospitals, run by the Neonatal Care & Research Institute (NCRI), is an organization formed by a group of doctors with national and international experience in the field of pediatrics and gynecology. Ovum has recently announced its expansion with the opening of its first state-of-the-art standalone fertility centre in the Hoskote area of Bangalore, providing a ray of hope to couples who are unable to conceive in a natural way. Ovum Hospitals has quickly expanded to four locations in Bangalore. It started by providing NICU coverage to the Milann Fertility Center and Chinmaya Mission Facility and has now grown to include a 30-bed maternal and NICU hospital in Bangalore.

Ovum Hospitals was formed by a group of pediatric and gynecology professionals with national and international experience. Ovum is a women and children’s hospital in Bangalore that aims to provide standardized, high-quality, patient-centered, and cost-effective maternity and child health care. We are dedicated to our patient’s safety and satisfaction, and we offer 24-hour pediatric and maternal care in Bangalore. Our in-house training programme guarantees that our doctors, nurses, and support personnel are always up to date on clinical knowledge and technology in order to provide high-quality patient care in the most efficient manner possible.

Ovum Fertility Centre is a high-end IVF clinic in Bangalore with cutting-edge technology to complement cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment approaches. In addition to providing core procedures such as IUI, IVF, Male infertility treatment and andrology services, Ovum Fertility Center offers several state-of-the-art technologies such as vitrification for preserving embryos and eggs, ERA ( Endometrial Receptor Array), Blastocyst culture & transfer. Horizontal laminar airflow systems, high-end microscopes, and centrifuges are all available in the Andrology Lab.

We have modern IVF workstations, motorized controlled micromanipulators, and microprocessor-controlled incubators at its Embryology Labs. Laser-assisted Hatching System, Time-lapse Embryo Monitoring System for effective selection of embryos. Ovum Fertility Centre is among the few IVF centres in Bangalore to offer all kinds of infertility solutions for both males as well as females.

The medical skill of Ovum’s team is something they take pride in. As the core of their services, they have highly skilled, seasoned, and experienced doctors available for each and every patient, with equal parts clinical expertise and empathy. The combined expertise of the medical and paramedical teams allows them to give exceptional care in obstetrics, gynecology, neonatology, pediatrics, infertility, feto-maternal scans, and other subspecialties. Ovum understands the joy of labor and has helped many women and couples embrace it while adjusting to changes in their lives and bodies, all while offering safety, comfort, and care. One of Ovum’s strongest selling points is its medical team.  Ovum Hospitals aspires to reduce new-born mortality and morbidity by providing a state-of-the-art NICU.

Ovum is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to persons suffering from infertility or other reproductive endocrinology problems. We offer diagnostic testing for infertility as well as assisted reproductive technologies like IVF. Our Bangalore-based team of highly trained IVF doctors is dedicated to providing the finest possible care while remaining compassionate. At Ovum, the premier IVF centre in Bangalore, we use a customised and proven strategy to give both comprehensive and consistent planning for the diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic and reproductive disorders. For a long time, a significant percentage of couples have struggled to conceive naturally due to obstacles such as lifestyle, age, and other physical problems.

Ovum Reproductive Center provides consultation and corrective measures, either medical or surgical, for more complex fertility treatments based on a full fertility evaluation. Ovum Fertility Center is a division of Ovum Women and Child Specialty Hospital, and it continues to deliver patient-centred care and treatment openness in accordance with its philosophy of “Delivering Medical Care the Right Way!” Ovum is regarded as one of Bangalore’s best IVF clinics for infertility issues. We have the best IVF doctors in Bangalore who have assisted thousands of couples struggling with infertility. Our patient’s emotional well-being is just as essential to us as the clinical standards we provide.

Ovum Fertility was founded on the notion that birthing is a joy, not a disease, and we understand the stress that infertility can cause. As a result, our team of Reproductive Medicine specialists, Embryologists, Andrologists, Ultrasonologists, and Counselors will serve as your mentors and confidants during this journey.

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