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New Delhi (India), November 26: On August 4th 2022, Ozone Pharmaceutical’s AdLife extends their vision of “adding years to life and life to years”, AdLife “ADDS LIFE TO LIFE”. AdLife further gets wings through the trust of doctors and patients Ozone Group has gathered in its 3 decades of practice. Offering treatments that support holistically from conception to gestation.

Ozone Pharmaceuticals, founded in 1991 is a formulation driven manufacturer and marketer of prescription medications in therapy areas like cardio, diabetes, chronic pain management, critical care and gynaecology. With AdLife, entering yet another therapy area, and a sought after one at that – fertility, Ozone Pharmaceuticals has expanded its presence in the women’s health segment.

We asked Mr. SC Sehgal, Chairman and Managing Director, Ozone Group his inspiration behind expanding into fertility assistance. He said “AdLife is important to me, for me it is not a business, its stepping into tomorrow. It is taking up action based on what the world is likely to be tomorrow. AdLife should Add Life to Life!”.

“Making a family as well as pregnancy is an aspiration that is universally shared by many across the world. In India’ underlying cultural context – this is a matter of high sensitivity and contributes to serious phycological, emotional and social distress.” said Dr. Deepak Mangle (MBBS, MBA), Head of Medico-Marketing at Ozone Group. “Therefore, witnessing increasing incidences of infertility cases is an alarming concern for society at large, With a very large and increasing population in the childbearing age group and no hope for alleviation in risk factors, it is imperative for the stakeholders of Indian healthcare and medical sciences to address this issue that has serious implications for the individual and the society” he added.

Research has shown 37.5 million couples who are actively seeking children suffer from infertility. It is estimated that while female factor accounts for 40-50% of infertility among couples, infertility attributable to male factors is on the rise and constitutes 30-40% of infertility.

Infertility, the inability to conceive by natural means, is a medical condition with high prevalence affecting nearly 15- 20% of married couples in India.

Moreover, to address the rising concern of infertility through medical sciences, is also seen in the increase of experts in this field. Earlier, there was a scarcity of skilled IVF specialists and embryologists in India, which was with only about 3-4% (700-1,000) of the pool of gynaecologists in 2015 performing IVF procedures but it has increased to >10% during from the universe of gynaecologists during 2020.  There is an urgent need to address the skill gap and technical expertise  required to provide high quality treatment towards improving outcomes and patient safety.

Similarly, there is also a need of addressing the significant geographical skew in the distribution of infertility centres with ~55% of IVF cycles being performed in the top eight metro cities coupled with a highly fragmented market is affecting access to quality treatment. This is also followed by Absence of a regulatory framework for quality management of ART centres and patient safety resulting in mushrooming of IVF clinics with poor treatment outcomes and quality of patient care. Overall, low awareness of fertility problems is observed among couples despite the high need for parenthood and the importance of    social status associated with parenthood.

Ozone’s AdLife will be pioneering the distribution of IVF access to more areas in India. By being present with quality IVF support treatments and promising high clinical outcomes, Ozone Pharmaceuticals’ AdLife will be aiming revolutionise, spread awareness for as well as advance the infertility therapy area.

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