February 15: Physiotattva, the leading physio care organization in Bangalore, is now beginning its services in Hyderabad. A joint venture between Brahmbhatt, and Cadabams Group, Physiotattva has quickly made a name for itself with the quality of physio care it provides and the ease of access for consumers. 

“We take a multidimensional approach to healing. With highly skilled professionals and the best equipment, the results have been excellent. In fact, we have helped over 5000 people recover from various issues over the past few years. We are now bringing this experience to Hyderabad. We are opening over 3 clinics in Hyderabad,” explained Dr. Anup Brahmbhatt, Director, Physiotattva. 

Physiotattva was born with an aim to address the various physiotherapeutic needs of people and provide them with easy access to quality physiotherapy. With options for virtual meets with the professional, and an easy-to-use user interface, Physiotattva has been redefining physiotherapy today. With over 12 clinics in Bangalore, the organization offers options for home physiotherapy and virtual rehabilitation as well.

The brand offers diverse range of FDA (US) approved services under physiotherapy and caters to a large number of individuals across locations in Bangalore. The services offered by the organization include post-surgery rehabilitation, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, Neuro-physiotherapy and rehabilitation. 

Mr. Sandesh Cadabam, Director, Physiotattva described the brand’s expansion plan saying, “A lot of people suffer pain that disrupts their normal functioning, and we felt that this needed to be addressed. We have done that in Bangalore, and are beginning in Hyderabad. We are also looking to expand our services to Mumbai and Chennai, with multiple centers in the works.” 

With over three decades of experience, Cadabams Group has been the leading name in rehabilitation in India. With this venture, the brand is creating a revolution in the field of physiotherapy as well. 

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