New Delhi [India], April 27: The first-ever female prankster in India, RJ Mahvash is just 24, yet has been offered to participate in Big Boss season 14, and also to be a part of several web series of Netflix and Bollywood movies. But it seems like; this Delhi-based girl has some other plans, as according to her, she is not ready to make her appearance on the big screen yet. Mahvash always wanted to be the voice that can empower women. She was always told by her family and friends that she had a soothing voice that could calm down people. She gave this a shot and was amazed at how she could communicate with people especially women and help them solve their conflicts. Assisting people to find their passion is her main goal. Most women find it helpful as they are the ones who are in constant need of guidance and reminders. She is proud to say that she has helped women re-establish a sense of confidence within them. Mahvash currently has a large fan following with more than 376k followers on Instagram. But she came into the limelight with a controversial video where she can be seen throwing Deepak Kalal out of the studio for passing some sexist remarks. The video became so viral that Mahvash became an overnight sensation due to the bold step she took. She didn’t even think of her well-established career before taking this bold step, and that’s what won the hearts of millions of people. Plus, this was not the first time, but there are several instances where she stood for women and raised her voice against their problems using radio as a platform. She is famous for her prank videos which are capable of reaching out to millions of communities on Social Media platforms. Her videos on social issues also grab people’s attention and let their minds ponder for a while. From her voice to her act in her videos, Mahvash always leaves her spectators spell-bound and awe-struck. This pandemic, when the entire nation is going through several difficulties due to COVID-19, Mahvash is using her Social Media as an opportunity to spread smiles and create awareness among her beloved fans. She is indulged in various initiatives where she can be seen as raising voice against the failure of government at several places and showcasing them to people. She believes that every problem has its solution. Therefore she urges people to help each other as much as they can and she is herself providing a helping hand by making people aware of the availability of oxygen cylinders and hospital beds. As a radio jockey, she stole the hearts of people with her amazing sense of humour and quirky way of communicating. Before social media, the most common social medium was none other than, radio and Mahvash very well know how to make the best of it. Her enthusiasm is the only thing that helped her achieve many things at such a tender age where others are just busy daydreaming. Mahvash is a perfect blend of beauty with brain. To talk about her hobbies Mahvash loves travelling and dreams to explore the entire world. RJ Mahvash is truly a real-life example of women empowerment who will always continue to inspire the Millenials.