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October 15: Timing is of the essence during any medical procedure. Healthcare professionals can deliver better results timely by leveraging progressive technologies. The new-age precision surgical technologies have a high success rate, positively contributing to patient well-being and experience. The Bhailal Amin General Hospital (BAGH) has been at the forefront of introducing new-age precision surgical technologies in Gujarat. It has successfully adopted modern precision surgical equipment like 4K cameras and 4K LED screens for multiple specialities, including General Surgery, Gynaecology, Urology, and GI.

The 4K technology’s Ultra-High-Definition display produces the clearest imagery. The graphical output obtained can be expanded to view the most intricate details without any risk of blurring. The enlarged colour spectrum allows for an effortless determination of tissue boundaries and better visualisation of blood vessels & lesions. The improved visibility and depth perception offered by the 4K technology is a game-changer for Endoscopy, Laparoscopy and other medical procedures.

The effectiveness of minimal or non-invasive procedures can be significantly improved using 4K cameras and monitors.

Here’s what the leading doctors at BAGH have to say about this revolutionary technology.

“Laparoscopic Urology is revolutionised with the help of 4K LED Screen. It allows improved visualisation, magnification and illumination.  Together these things increase the precision of the surgery and subsequently lead to better outcomes. It’s especially helpful for surgeries such as Lap. Pyeloplasty, Partial Nephrectomy, Boari flap & VVF repair; where suturing is required for reconstruction of the urinary tract”, said Dr Tejas Mistry, Urologist at the BAGH.

Dr Sonia Golani, Gynaecologist at the BAGH, gave her input on how new-age precision surgical technology has been a game changer for gynaec surgeries for better outcomes.

“4K is the new gold standard in imaging in gynaec Laparoscopic surgeries.  4K technology allows greater anatomical details to be obtained. The image quality is for higher resolution. It is clearer and razor-sharp, which improves procedural efficiency and patient safety, and leads to better surgical outcomes”, said Dr Golani.

Dr Monika Jani, Gynaecologist at the BAGH, expressed her views on adopting the 4K technology.

“4K delivers better colour reproduction. It has four times more resolution than HD. It provides stronger monocular depth perception. The surgeons also have less visual side effects as compared to 3D”, said Dr Jani.

Dr Pragnesh Desai, General & Laparoscopic Surgeon at the BAGH, offered his insights on using 4K technology in laparoscopic surgeries.

“In Laparoscopic Surgery, quality of the intra-operative images is very important. A clear view of the anatomical structures and landmarks can improve depth perception and accuracy of dissection, reduce intraoperative bleeding and reduce operative time, resulting in reduced surgical stress for the patient and potentially decreased complication rate with improved outcomes”, said Dr Desai.

Dr Girish Hirode, General & Laparoscopic Surgeon at the BAGH, further added on how new-age precision surgical technologies are revolutionising the laparoscopy space.

“Fluorescent 4K UHD (Ultra high definition) Laparoscopic devices have a resolution of 3840X 2160(8 million) pixels allowing them to display a more detailed view than HD (High Definition) devices which have a resolution of 1920X1080(2 million) pixels. With 4K UHD devices, smaller structures like blood vessels etc. are clearly visible”, said Dr Hirode.

Technological advancements in medical devices and techniques in the Indian healthcare industry have made seemingly impossible tasks possible. The team of Doctors at the BAGH are constantly focused on providing better medical care to their patients. A minimally invasive surgery using modern techniques can result in smaller incisions, faster recovery times, less pain, scarring, and better accuracy; a life-saving alternative indeed.

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