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New Delhi/Agra: 4th October, 2022: The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving. A majority of chronic health issues stem from a poorly balanced body condition called metabolic syndrome. Over thirty per cent of the population is known to suffer from metabolic syndrome. The good news is that it can be substantially prevented. Sensoriom, a healthcare startup, enters into this metabolic healthcare segment to build India’s first-ever metabolism-linked medical platform.

Every individual’s metabolism is unique. It’s the fundamental balance of the body, similar to yin and yang. If it gets out of balance, diseases like Diabetes, Heart disease, Fatty Liver, Allergies, PCOS, Obesity and sometimes Stroke may seed in. Although more and more people are becoming health conscious, a significant number of them still struggle to explore the available market solutions. The majority of currently accessible solutions are ‘one-size-fits-all’ and non-customizable. Some pharmaceutical companies have introduced high-tech alternatives such as Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM), which is prohibitively expensive and difficult to operate. Also, the CGM only tells you about your blood sugar spikes. It doesn’t give you any information about your overall metabolic health.

Sensoriom is an on-site programme that uses a series of scientific calculations to measure vital and metabolic parameters to look for early signs of any major disease in an individual. To facilitate rapid expansion, Sensoriom would use channel partners to perform its ground operations in all of India’s main cities. For this purpose, the company is actively seeking partnerships with area healthcare organizations that share its values.

Dr Navneet Goyal, Managing Director of Sensoriom, commented regarding the metabolic platform, “We are covering all areas of human wellness by building a personalised metabolic profile for each person through lab testing and other essential healthcare data.” The method is 100 per cent supported by scientific evidence and medical consensus. We have developed proprietary software that is capable of recording and calculating all of this crucial information regarding healthcare.” Dr Navneet Goyal is an Anesthesiologist doctor with more than ten years of expertise dealing with patients like these.

The process also includes connecting high-risk patients with Sensoriom-empanelled doctors through online or in-person clinic visits. Sensoriom’s metabolic supplements will be available for purchase by the end of the year. According to the metabolic profiles, the empanelled doctors will recommend taking these dietary supplements. Regular follow-up examinations will be administered to determine the progress of the participants. The metabolic profile facilities have started up in Agra as well as in a few semi-urban areas inside of Agra and near Noida. To schedule a screening, one must complete a booking form on the website. With the social media awareness campaigns and positive word-of-mouth publicity, Dr Navneet Goyal is quite confident in scaling up the operations to at least 5 cities by the end of this year.

Through scientific research, Sensoriom has established an impressive suite of metabolic solutions. With a team of doctors and paramedic healthcare specialists under the guidance of industry magnates, Sensoriom is developing an enviable array of metabolic products and services that will transform the face of preventive healthcare in India.

Sensoriom’s founder and chief executive officer, Dr Navneet Goyal, is a practising anesthesiologist and critical care specialist. You can contact the Sensoriom team by sending a Whatsapp message to +919368100334 or by sending an email to

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