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  • On 3rd April 2022, startup story successfully conducted its first edition of B2B startup networking event.
  • The event benefited a lot of startup founders in terms of networking, learning and growth opportunities.
  • Startup story saw a great participation from various entrepreneurs and investors and corporates.
  • The event was packed with high energy knowledge sessions by the speakers, founders sharing their success journeys and a lot of networking.

 New Delhi (India), April 8: Startup story conducted its first edition of B2B startup networking event on 3rd April, at Pride Plaza, New Delhi. The Delhi chapter of Appsealing presents Startup Story B2B Connect Co-presented by Design & Construct & powered by Bhatar Claims was a success. The platform provided opportunities for entrepreneurs to network, promote their brands and products. It was an enriching platform for budding entrepreneurs as more than 10 VC houses and many angel investors were present to help and guide the founders. Marking its debut in Delhi, the event will take place across multiple prominent cities of the country. Adding on to it, it will soon be organising its second edition of Startup Story B2B Connect in Bangalore. If you are a budding entrepreneur looking for a platform to grow your startup, Startup B2B Connect is the best place to be in order to learn, network, and grow.

The event was made possible with the collaboration and support of our presenting partner Appsealing, co-presenting partner Design & Construct and powered by Bharat Claims. Other supporters were BookMyJet, Genefied, Your KPO, Especia, Jharkhand Angles and Tifinqnq. A large number of VC firms also collaborated with Startup Story such as Faad venture, New camp Venture, Meteor Venture, Jharkhand Angels, Favcy and few others are the Venture Partners for the event. Mr. Aditya Arrora, CEO Faad Network; Mr. Arbab Usmani, CEO Uppskill; Mr. Prabhash Nirbhay, Chief Evangelist at Jharkhand Angels; Ayush Jhawar, CEO Genefied; Mr. Subhrangshu Kumar Neogi, Founder and Growth Catalyst (ExCXO- Diverse Corporate Leadership Roles); Mr. Dipan Sahu, Asst. Innovation Director, Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell & AICTE, Govt. of India and Mr. Pankaj Mani, President, CQFI (Fintech Group) was invited as the guest speaker in the event, Startup Story B2B Connect on 3rd April at Pride Plaza, New Delhi. The event concluded with an awards and recognition session, Startup Story Awards 2021 which recognised 25+ Innovative startups from a diverse range of industries which performed exceptionally well in the year 2021. The startups were awarded based on their performance, growth, innovation, and vision.

Startup Story Founder & CEO, Anil Bakshi commented, “Team Startup Story has successfully created a recurring networking platform that truly serviced the startup ecosystem of the country and is also looking forward to continuing to nurture growth. As we were on the precipice of hosting our very first edition of B2B Connect, we have achieved all that we hoped it would.”

Startup Story co-founder, Animesh Shukla said, “We were very excited to host the first edition of our new flagship event. Startup Story as an organisation centres itself around telling the stories of underrepresented startups. Through this event, we had provided startups, investors, and industry leaders with a platform to network- thus creating an environment of growth. We are grateful to our sponsors for helping us make this event a success. With this, we are soon looking forward to organising the second edition of B2B Connect in Bangalore in the upcoming days.” Mr. Ambi Das Kethavath Founding Partner of Startup Story added, “We at startup story are excited to announce that we have enthusiastically conducted the event Startup Story B2B Connect organised with the aim of entrepreneur’s development and helping them to learn, network, and grow. It was a platform given to entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial journey, ideas and many more.”  Ms. Garima Miglani Core Team Member Startup Story concluded, “Startup Story B2B Connect was a legit opportunity provided to young entrepreneurs by not only bringing them into light but also motivating and inspiring the population of youths to pursue their entrepreneurship dream. We had successfully made this event a great success.”

 About Startup Story

Startup Story Private Limited is an organisation looking to make the stories of every Startup heard. We, at Startup Story, aim to create a platform for young entrepreneurs which is not only going to bring them into the light but also inspire the young population to pursue their entrepreneurship dream, all the while being inclusive of the regions these startups are emerging from.

We especially focus on entrepreneurs coming from tier 2 and 3 cities, empowering them with the voice they deserve to bring their stories and ideas to the stage. Startup Story becomes their voice by sharing their journey and business ideas to a greater audience using various verticals including articles, podcast, storytelling, video Interviews, e-newspaper and magazine.

These stories of struggle and success will in turn educate a wider audience with what goes behind building a successful business and the challenges faced. We are the ladder to success and recognition for young entrepreneurs as well as those aspiring to become one.

 We are also proud to announce that Startup Story is now a RNI Certified Media Company, authorized by the Department of Registrar of Newspapers for India, Government of India. We have now grown far ahead as compared to the beginning phase to fulfill the dreams of over millions of Startups and Entrepreneurs. Out of other various media companies of startups, we are now among the very few certified media houses.

The event was a great success and the team is looking forward to coming up with more engaging and value adding events for easing the networking in the startup ecosystem.

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