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New Delhi (India), August 17: The Matic Studio, a new-gen digital design studio, is here to help businesses enter the NFT space with its cutting-edge visuals and animation design. The design studio specializes in utilizing advanced software to allow businesses to explore the 3D space. Moreover, it focuses on innovation and developing new solutions, making it easier for the business to leverage the power of digitalization.

The Matic Studio is the brainchild of Sidharth Vohra, an automotive design graduate and an animation design instructor for the Institute of Industrial Development (IID), an incubator program with the Ministry of Medium, Small, and Medium Enterprises, Govt of India. He has extensive experience in the design space, from automotive to product design and laid the foundation of The Matic Studio to realize the full potential of visual arts, motion graphics and animation design. It helps companies with NFT development in alignment with their business goals.

The success of the metaverse depends not only on the technological aspect but also on how people perceive the newly emerging digital space. This is where the role of digital design comes into play. The Matic Studio creates engaging visuals, including animations, NFTs, and digital art. It explores novel ways to make the digital space more engaging and interactive than ever. The studio is also into designing new-age products ranging from furniture to electronics to automotive products for several companies around the globe. 

Talking about the business, The Matic Studio Founder Sidharth Vohra shares, “With the emergence of the metaverse and NFTs, we are entering an entirely new era of experience and interaction. Therefore, the digital space’s visual appearance will decide the users’ interaction and engagement pattern. The Matic Studio is the gateway for the brands to enter the new digital space through various forms of visual arts, NFTs, and motion graphics. We operate in a B2B model, enabling the brands to enter this digital space and expand their vision.”

The real potential of the metaverse and NFTs is yet to be seen. However, it is beyond doubt that the metaverse will help users transcend physical limits, and digital design plays a key role in this. In this scenario, The Matic Studio envisions a complete digitalization of design with the highest level of precision, execution, and simplicity.

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