September 22: The mood is upbeat. Festivity is in the air. Gujarat is all set to celebrate Navratri, the worlds longest dancing festival from 7th October 2021. And as men and women get ready in fine traditional outfits to dance to the tunes of dhol and music, musicians in the state are releasing their new singles specially planned for Navratri. Nothing is more precious to musicians than scores of revellers dancing to their tunes.

Navratri, the festival dedicated to worshipping Goddess Durga, is here and people all across the country are getting ready to offer their prayers to the deity. While the groundwork is going on, Cloudland Entertainment has something exciting & surprising in store for you!!

Bhaumik Patel’s Cloudland Entertainment is coming up with a smashing Navratri Track feat. Ahmedabad’s top fashionistas Divyesh Talaviya & Prachi Solanki.



34 Replies to “Bhaumik Patel’s Cloudland Entertainment is all set to thrill you this Navratri feat. Divyesh Talaviya & Prachi Solanki”

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