February 9: Daniel Priestley is an experienced and successful entrepreneur born in Australia, living in London UK.  He’s a well known author of 4 worldwide best selling books, in which he teaches about strategies for standing out, scaling up and making an impact through entrepreneurship. Daniel is the co-founder of Dent-Global, a leading business accelerator with offices in the UK, Australia and Canada. He is also known for his advising skills and has been listed among the most influential advisers in the UK and won the business advisor of the year award.

Daniel, a self made entrepreneur, started his first business with his credit card and grew it to multi-million dollar revenues. He is an inspiration for multiple beginners because he did not raise external funding or have financial support from his family. He is is an entrepreneur, an author and international speaker. Some of his best selling books predicted big trends. His book “Key Person of Influence” was one of the first to talk about the importance and the strategy of building an online brand using social media. The book”Entrepreneur Revolution” predicted a global boom in working remotely using virtual office software long before this trend was evident. It also foretold the disruptive potential of cloud computing, crypto-currency and AI. His book “24Assets” has defined a tangible way of creating valuable digital assets and “Oversubscribed” shows how to create urgency and scarcity even in a digital environment.

Daniel’s works have received great responses from around the world from successful entrepreneurs and academics. Daniel’s mission is to develop entrepreneurs who are focused on solving big, meaningful problems that relate to the environment and society.

Through his company “Dentglobal” entrepreneur Daniel Priestley is sparking a revolution in the field of entrepreneurship. “We develop entrepreneurs to stand out, scale up and make a positive impact.”Declares their motto emblazoned on the front page of the website. Daniel personally delivers various workshopsto accelerate the Entrepreneurial Journey. In 2022, he will deliver talks to entrepreneurs including “Become a Key Person of Influence” and “Get Oversubscribed”. His talks are often delivered on Zoom so that entrepreneurs anywhere in the world can attend.

Featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur and other leading journals, Daniel has come a long way and today his students have proved to be high-achieving entrepreneurs in their respective fields. Recently one student posted that his business had grown from £k per month to £18K per month in one year as a result of the lessons he learned through Dent Global and Daniel.

He has a community of more than 35k followers on his instagram alone where he often shares very attractive and effective content. His posts are usually a result of study, research and practical application. His posts are made so attractively that the reader is quick to understand the essence of the post. His instagram feed is very inspiring and alot of members of his community look at his Instagram as a source of daily inspirations. If you wish to take Daniel Priestley’s webclasses you can contact him here.

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