Ahmedabad, Gujarat [India]: It’s said that words and numbers don’t go together. It’s believed that logic and emotions don’t go hand-in-hand. It’s also said that one can never balance the left and right cerebrum. Well, Samridhhi Mandawat proves it all wrong. With a perfect equation of words and numbers, logic and emotions, left and right neurons, she rules her life.

An economist by profession and a writer by passion, she has inspired thousands of students to find their Ikigai in life. She is a people person and loves interacting with students. As a freelance motivational speaker, she has trained more than 13,000 Chartered Accountants on the emotional quotient through her unique EQ Management Tests.

Samridhhi Mandawat believes in making this world a better place through her musings. She firmly believes that a pen is mightier than a sword and connects with the audience through her books. As a thoughtful and compassionate soul, she believes in doing good and only good.

She is a World Record Holder for being the “Youngest Female Author to have donated all the Royalties for Women Upliftment”. She was nominated for the prestigious Padma Shri Awards, the fourth highest civilian award of the Republic of India by the Indian Government for Republic Day 2021.

She is an individual with strength and a positive outlook who doesn’t mind walking the extra miles to help people. Samridhhi’s book “Parables and Secrets” was ranked No.1 in Amazon’s bestsellers for children category. Her book “Unobliterated Unspoken Emotions” stood on 49th rank in Amazon’s bestsellers under Women Category. This book also bagged her “Best Books to Read this 2019” title by De Mode Magazine (May June 2019 Global Issue) and “Top 100 Debut Author” by Criticspace Literary Journal and “Best 100 Authors” by Author Pages Magazine. She is a Guest Columnist for The Policy Times every month. She was titled “next Kamala Das” at Gujarat Literature Festival for the book “Unobliterated Unspoken Emotions.”

Samridhhi believes in voicing her opinion for causes that demand justice and bring the necessary changes that would uplift humanity. She is a firm believer of the saying, “Actions speak louder than words” and follows the same in her personal and professional life. The word Samridhhi means growth and progress and so is she. She has set an exemplary example in society and has inspired people to find their purpose in life. With an aura of confidence and a positive mindset, she is all set for her journey.

Visit https://www.samridhhimandawat.com/ to know more about her and her contributions to society.

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