Hyderabad, Telangana  [India] : SmartCoat is an anti-microbial disinfectant that bestows hygiene surfaces at homes, offices, fitness centres, shopping malls, health centres, and schools/colleges. SmartCoat is tested and found effective against the SARS CoV-2. The world’s most advanced nano-coating technology is here to enrich your health curve. Our world is now suffering from the impact of the pandemic. Focusing on and preventing the chain of infections can benefit us at these times. The infections caused by harmful bacteria are spread through surfaces. These harmful bacteria are mostly invisible to human eyes. For preventing the spread of bacterial infections in humans, it is essential to hinder the source of survival and spread of infections.

SmartCoat sterilizes the soft and hard surfaces by maintaining a germ-free environment. The nano-sized titanium dioxide, when sprayed, covers the surfaces and gets dry instantly by forming a nano layer. The multifunctional features of SmartCoat include non-toxic, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-mold, self-cleaning, and VOC free. It reacts to any light source and functions efficiently 24/7.

SmartCoat is tested and approved for fighting against deadly viruses by top-notch international labs such as Intertek Singapore and Microbac USA. It is also an immensely successful product as it received many international awards and recognition. SmartCoat is also tested and verified by prestigious CCMB against the SARS CoV-2. Ensure the hygiene of surfaces to extend the healthy life. SmartCoat germ-free environment can make your health activate the goodness of life.

18 Replies to “SmartCoat – World’s Most Advanced Multi-Surface Disinfectant Says Mr.Uttam Thakur, CEO & ED”

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