Hyderabad, Telangana [India]: One day my daughter screamed and showed me her hands in panic. She was uncomfortable with some itching on her hands.

I looked at my 8 yr. old’s little hands, there were rashes everywhere. I was wondering if this is a reaction to some dirty stuff she might be playing with. But as much as I know her, that’s not possible. She is the one who has been consistent with cleaning her hands and surrounding during covid.

Yes, that’s true. Even I didn’t expect this from her at this tender age. Well, I showed it to the skin specialist, and he told me that these rashes are nothing but a reaction to excessive use of sanitizers and soaps. I was shocked! Aren’t sanitizers and liquid soaps are meant to help us from germs?

The doc smiled at me and told me the truth about sanitizers we have been using for a long, especially for the last year. Sanitizers are good for sometimes not always. Their alcoholic nature is not always safe on skin that too on kids’ skin. Instead of using alcohol-based sanitizers, you should choose Organic ones; they are easily available and safe on the skin. One such is SUGARADHANA, recommended by my doctor and I am totally satisfied with the results.

“In her words, Mrs. Megha Krishnan narrated her story to me and thanked me to develop SUGARADHANA, an organic intoxicated sanitizer. But the problem is not related to her only, the problem is much bigger than this and almost every second family is facing this or any other issues related to sanitizers. I have always been taught to focus on the solution more, and this habit has helped me to develop SUGARADHANA. “

Says Dr. Karthik when we asked him what made him develop an Organic Sanitizer named SUGARADHANA.

SUGARADHANA is not only recommended by doctors of Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, etc. but has also been appreciated by the President of India.

With the approval by The Ministry of Ayush SUGARADHANA is now supplied at Rashtrapati Bhawan.

What is the difference between SUGARADHANA and other Sanitizers?

  • Alcoholic & Non- Alcoholic
    • Most liquid disinfectants contain a large amount of ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, which when ingested, can lead to alcohol poisoning. This means you can never leave your alcohol-based sanitizers unsupervised around children!
    • Sugaradhana is a 100% chemical-free cleaner that’s made using kitchen-based enzymes mixed with citrus fruit-based extracts and glycerin oils. This makes it safe for ingestion and commercial usage, all while giving back to nature.
  • Safe on Skin
    • When used too frequently, alcohol-based sanitizers can wash away your skin’s natural oils and cause it to crack and dry up. This in turn can provide germs the perfect entry point to creep into your skin and cause infection – which is exactly what you want to avoid in the first place!
    • The natural components in Sugaradhana make it a fully non-toxic all-purpose cleaner that’s safe for use on human skin, without causing rashes, cracks, or irritation of any kind.
  • Safe to use everywhere
    • Alcohol-based sanitizers have a flashpoint of fewer than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which means they can be classified as a fire hazard and must always be stored away from all ignition sources and electrical outlets.
    • SUGARADHANA is a Multipurpose liquid disinfectant solution it can also be used as a concentrated floor cleaner, Sugaradhana not only makes sure your floors are spotless but also ensures they are baby-safe and pet-safe as well.


India’s first fully organic disinfectant, Sugaradhana, is a multipurpose cleaning solution that can be put to use in all corners of your home, right from floors to toilets to kitchen equipment. The lack of chemical components makes it a great vegetable cleaner too! Here are some more benefits to using the best natural all-purpose cleaner in the market today.

As India is seeing the surge of Covid Second Wave, Organic Sanitizers are the way ahead as it is chemical-free and lab tests have proven it has the power to arrest and kill the mutant on the surface as well on air too.

Is SUGARADHANA available in the market?

After the success of SUGARADHANA’s pilot tests, it’s now available for the masses as well. Dr. Karthik believes that the road from toxic to organic is an easy one and starts with what you use, right from home.

“We believe Sugaradhana can change the face of disinfectants in India for good. Our vision for the future is clear: inspire people across the globe to make the shift from alcohol-based sanitizers and chemical disinfectants to an organic alternative that’s just as good, if not better. “

Sugaradhana is well on its way to becoming the best natural all-purpose cleaner in the market today and this is just the beginning.

From where one can buy SUGARADHANA?

You may buy SUGARADHANA from the following given links. To know more about it call on its customer care number at 9111192220.

  1. sugaradhana.com
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