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New Delhi, January 2: The Sunpure Research Incubation Centre (SRIC) has announced its annual research awards. SRIC Awards are intended to recognize the superlative contributions of research scholars and postdoctoral researchers in the natural Products segment, honoring outstanding individuals who have had a tangible impact on the research assignments, project works, clinical trials and studies.

 Examples of recognized contributions include co-authored publications and/or direct participation in path-breaking and innovative research in botanicals, natural formulations and phytochemicals. 

 The award recipients have been awarded a monetary reward, trophies and certificates for their research or professional development activities.

 Speaking on occasion, Mr. Saurabh Sharma (VP) briefed about how academic education has been confined to four walls of the classroom, while it needs to be made broad-based, research and application-oriented. He stressed the importance of initiatives like Research Awards / AYUSH Awards to boost the research and development activities at the academic and corporate level so the rich heritage of Indian flora and fauna can be explored for the betterment of mankind.

 Sunpure Research Incubation Centre (SRIC) is the pioneer center of the company, which fosters, facilitates and promotes research in active / biomarker compounds along with yield improvements, process development, patent and DMF filing for the company. Since 2016 SRIC has been honoring research Scholars and Scientists for their Nobel work in Herbal and natural products. 

 Numerous global and Indian institutes and the scientific community have appreciated the initiative of SEPL. 

 SEPL and Sunpure Foundation has recently completed the annual “Week of compassion” in collaboration with UGo Beyond, USA and Asha Deep Foundation. Asha Deep Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation (NGO) working for the betterment of the community for the past 39 years. 

About Sunpure Extracts Private Limited

Sunpure Extracts Private Limited has a natural Extracts production facility in Sikandrabad Industrial Area, Bulandshahr (UP) and exports natural ingredients to over 24 countries. SEPL is globally known for B2B brands like AshwaBoost®, CurcuBoost®, SPIRUproteen®, BOSWpure®, WKB20K®, Fenutein®, and NutraPure®. The company has successfully filed 14 US DMFs with US FDA for a range of natural extracts and Botanicals and has applied for 4 patents. SEPL serves companies in the segments of Nutraceuticals, Food Supplements, Pharma, Personal Care, Flavour and fragrance.

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