MS Asian Film Academy conducted a free Acting Workshop for all age groups and was conducted successfully by the team. The owners of the Company are Sanjali Suri Malhotra and Mayyank Sharrma. The workshop scheduled on 11th April 2021 was conducted by Actor, Writer, and Director from Bollywood and Pollywood Amit Aseem and he is active in the industry since 2002. Candidates from various places attended the workshop and they came to know the basic know-how regarding Acting skills. The main motive was to provide and explore the talent from all the areas especially from rural areas and find the hidden Talent and nourish them free of cost. MS Groupe team has a vast experience of around 15-20 years and has done remarkable work Film industry.

Amit Aseem workshop Director and Writer

Further, we are planning to conduct a workshop every fortnight and that too on different skills like Direction, Editing, Cinematography, Writing and Filmmaking. Our main motive to conduct the workshop is to provide the service to those who can’t afford yet has a dream to explore their hidden talent and achieve their dreams. MS Asian Film Academy provides all courses to all age groups and giving 100% assistance in our upcoming projects be it songs, films, web series, etc.

MS Groupe believes and hopes that the workshops will be a great help to those who really want to do something and explore their talent most appropriately.

Website link of MS Asian Film Academy:

Helpline number: 7986080819

Email id:

Website link of MS Groupe:

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